2014-15 Year End Wrapup

Mr. Steven A. Barnhill – EVHS Director of Instrumental Music
May 8, 2015

Congrats to the Class of 2015: our seniors have participated in their final performance here at EVHS. My, oh my, how the last four years have flown by. What a great group of outstanding young men and women!. It’s been my great pleasure to have led them through this journey. I have great faith in them and count of them to be accountable and make a difference in the world. Congrats, parents!

We’ve been very busy this year. In October we had our annual Wind Ensemble with the EVHS Chamber String Ensemble (terrific performances), and the Chamber Strings once again performed with the Mission Chamber Orchestra.

The EVHS Marching Band completed its most successful season to date, winning all five of its competitions. The show was titled “Synergy,” and special thanks to Assistant Marching Band Director Rick Pina, who created a wonderful show design and led a superior group of instructors who pushed and inspired our members to the very top of their abilities.

Those who were able to attend the outstanding Winter Concert in December got the opportunity to hear from all of our very fine ensembles. The groups have a robust membership filled with young and eager musicians who provided polished performances that gave the full house a special night of music.

The Carnegie Hall/NYC trip was an amazing experience for all involved! The performances were great and our usual stellar group of young people were doing all with excellence in mind. Thanks to our chaperones Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Schneider, and very special appreciation from the students and myself to my beautiful wife Ms. Erl!!!

We once again had another stellar hosting of our CMEA Band Festival with two Unanimous Superiors and three Superior ratings — wonderful! Thanks to all the student and parent volunteers for your hard work!

At the end-of-year luau on May 9 we announced the 10 recipients of the second annual EVHS Music Scholarship Program awards — all very deserving seniors of the EVHS Instrumental Program. That is so exciting — next year let’s see if we can give even more scholarships!

2014-15 Fall Season Wrapup

Mr. Steven A. Barnhill – EVHS Director of Instrumental Music
December 6, 2014

Marching Band Activities and Honors

The 2014 EVHS Marching Band’s fall season was its most successful ever, with the group’s winning all five of its competitions. This year’s show was titled “Synergy,” and Assistant Marching Band Director Rick Pina led a group of instructors who pushed and inspired our band members to the very top of their abilities. It was an energetic and beautiful production, with our musicians setting the finest example possible of visual and musical excellence. They are truly the standard that other groups are merely chasing.

Fall Concert

Our concert season began early this year, on October 8, with a performance by the Carnegie Hall-bound String Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. It was a stellar event with the groups also raising a significant amount of money to help with the cost of the trip. What a GREAT way to open the year!

Winter Concert

The Winter Concert, held on Friday, December 5, featured the Concert Band, Conservatory Ensemble, String Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble. The groups finished the first semester with a bang. The winter event also kicked off the donation process for our annual EVHS Music Scholarship program.